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As our cities become more and more populated and regional development continues, the importance of effective transport infrastructure is critical. The ongoing demand for improvement to transport infrastructure to support population, planning and city building, is currently driving increased activity in this sector.

The opportunities and complexities involved in transport infrastructure and the increasing visibility of strategies such as value capture leverage local flow-on effects from high-profile transport infrastructure projects.

How we can help

We are engaged by government, constructors, developers, operators, debt providers and investors alike; who recognise our ability to help deliver impactful projects and programs.

We have extensive experience advising the public and private sector on all aspects of port, airport, road and rail projects; providing tailored and cross-disciplinary teams for each stage in a project's lifecycle - from strategic concept development through to project delivery.

We work to seamlessly integrate specialists in real estate, planning, environment, construction, tax, finance, competition and regulatory, insurance and dispute resolution to manage risk and achieve the best outcome for the project.

We have a very strong track record in:

  • Acquisitions, disposals and joint ventures of major infrastructure, including government privatisations
  • Infrastructure development
  • Developing value capture opportunities
  • Large scale real estate investment and development, including urban renewal and tourism
  • Strategically important public private partnership (PPP) projects.
  • Market led proposals, sole sourced procurements and augmentations of existing PPPs
  • Transport franchising and services procurement (including trains, buses, trams and ferries)

Working with the sector

Explore our team's experience working within social infrastructure and transport infrastructure.


  • Melbourne Airport Rail
  • Melbourne Metro Tunnel and Stations
  • Western Sydney Airport, City & Southwest and Northwest
  • Sydney Gateway
  • Sydney Metro PPP
  • West Gate Tunnel PPP
  • Cross River Rail
  • WestConnex
  • Western Roads, Northern Roads and South Eastern Roads Upgrades
  • Ports of Melbourne sale
  • Newcastle, Botany, Kembla and Darwin port leases
  • Cairns and Mackay Airports privatisations
  • Adelaide Heavy Passenger Rail Outsourcing Project
  • Victoria and NSW bus services procurement
  • Melbourne metropolitan tram network franchise

Meet our team

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