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Clay Wohling

Clay is a respected energy specialist who has advised the energy industry on competition, regulation and infrastructure development matters for more than 15 years.

Clay has worked through a period of restructuring and reform that has reshaped the electricity industry in this country. As a result of this unique experience, he now advises clients such as AGL, ETSA Utilities, Flinders Power, Hydro Tasmania, the Utilities Commission of the Northern Territory, Aurora Energy, and Energy Australia, in relation to State and Territory regulatory systems and the operation of the national electricity market.

In recent years Clay has received extensive industry recognition for his deep understanding of electricity law and the electricity industry, together with his thorough, commercial outlook.

Through working on numerous energy infrastructure projects, Clay has also gained extensive experience in construction, and has advised in relation to construction projects for News Limited, Epic Energy, Ausbulk, Glenmont Properties, Perpetual Trustees, Urban Pacific, and the University of South Australia.

Clay is a member of the Law Society of South Australia and regularly presents seminars and authors publications about issues affecting the energy sector.

Areas of expertise include: