Commissions and Inquiries

MinterEllison's pre-eminent commission and inquiries team has played big roles in some of the largest and complex inquires in Australia in recent years, including the Victorian Bush Fires Royal Commission, the Royal Commission into the Building and Construction Industry and acting for AWB during the Food for Oil Royal Commission, as well as various coronial inquests.

The team is multi-disciplinary, recognising that the skill sets required in complex commissions and inquiries often sit across different practice areas. The team is experienced in providing strategic input for our clients, from supporting Counsel Assisting the Royal Commission to deliver on its Terms of Reference, to minimising the impact and adverse publicity for parties appearing. Depending on the findings made and evidence gathered, litigation (including class actions and test cases) may ensue. Our team has the litigation and dispute resolution skills to deal with this, and the corporate risk issues which invariably arise.

16 April 2015

Yesterday the High Court of Australia upheld the decision of the New South Wales Court of Appeal that the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) does not have power to investigate allegations that Ms Cunneen counselled a person to lie to police. This decision has serious implications for past and future corruption investigations and inquiries.

11 October 2013

A report issued by the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption outlines 11 corruption prevention recommendations, which government agencies should consider when undertaking their own procurement reviews. Because of their importance and broad application, this alert presents ICAC's recommendations in full.