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16 May 2017

Over the weekend an unprecedented ransomware attack spread malicious software known as 'WannaCry' around the world. Britain's National Health Service was one of the more high-profile victims, with the service forced to cancel surgery, close emergency rooms and divert ambulances as a result of the attack. And while a British-based, self-confessed 'accidental hero' managed to halt the spread of the WannaCry virus, and Australia appears to have escaped the worst of the fallout, the consequences for business, government and individuals are far from complete, with the Australian Prime Minister's cyber security expert warning 'this is not game over'.

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10 November 2016

A recent case, Jurecek v Director, Transport Safety Victoria [2016] VSC 285 highlights the potential broad reach of privacy laws in their application to public sector employers who gather information about their employees and all employers who gather information about prospective employees or other individuals, including for the purposes of legitimate investigations.

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19 June 2017

With public awareness of cyber security breaches continuing to rise, every kind of Australian organisation – Government, state owned enterprises, public and private companies and not-for-profits - must understand the risks they face as a result of modern technology and its impact on data privacy and security. The past year saw both the largest data breach in Australian history (with the accidental exposure of the personal information of around 550,000 donors to the Australian Red Cross), as well as highly-publicised attempts to sabotage the first digital Australian Bureau of Statistics Census through a series of denial of service attacks.