Employment Taxation

MinterEllison's expertise encompasses all federal and state employment taxes, including fringe benefits tax (FBT), Pay As You Go (PAYG), payroll tax, Superannuation Guarantee Charge, insurance premiums and the Personal Services Income regime. We also advise on the tax issues arising from employment redundancies, terminations and settlements.

We specialise in employee benefits and remuneration – including significant experience in designing and implementing share-based benefit plans for listed and unlisted companies in Australia and internationally. We regularly advise on the rollout of employee share plans and offers. We work closely with our colleagues who are experts in tax, employment and securities law to provide a fully integrated multi-disciplinary employee benefit service that spans the whole spectrum of remuneration issues.

1 July 2014

The deadline for employers to report share-based awards is approaching. The ATO is increasing its focus on ESS reporting compliance so employers should be aware of some of the traps, particularly if awards have been granted to internationally mobile employees.

18 July 2013

The Australian Taxation Office has issued its annual compliance program, 'Compliance in focus 2013-14', setting out the areas it will focus on in its investigations and reviews throughout the coming year. The compliance program can help you determine the likelihood of being subject to scrutiny by the Australian Taxation Office.

24 May 2013

In this Budget brief, we have discussed the government's Budget proposals as they impact on relevant industry sectors, and have included details of the Opposition's views (if any) on each proposal.

24 May 2013

In this Budget brief, we have discussed the government's Budget proposals as they impact on the mining, energy & resources industry and investors in that industry, and have included details of the Coalition's views (if any) on each proposal.


This user friendly guide provides answers to some of the most common questions companies face when employing foreign nationals or nationals working abroad. Our Employment Law team dissect the legislation to give you clear advice on employment restrictions, recruitment checks and the 'permission to work' approval process. A step by step section will explain the rights, obligations and entitlements of both parties under the employment contract, including an overview of remuneration and bonuses, tax payments and lawful termination procedures.