The Melbourne Chapter

In FY17, our Melbourne office created a local chapter of the Coders Collective in response to the significant growth of the firm-wide program. Our Melbourne chapter comprises of legal and non-legal staff whose interests include coding and developing innovative solutions.

Whilst the firm-wide Collective enables us to connect with the broad coding expertise we have across the firm, the smaller local chapter allows us to directly engage in deeper discussions about the projects in our pipeline. Through local chapters we are able to support local staff needs, whether that need be new coders trying to learn a digital language or fluent coders who are seeking feedback on an idea.

One of the great outcomes we have seen from the local chapter is the foundation of a strong community who support each other and who strive to create solutions that will be of benefit to our clients.

Members of our new Melbourne Coders Collective team: (l-r): Joyce Huang, Sandra Burgess, James Stoffell, Crystal Miller, Anne-Marie Dontcheff, Caitlin Young and Gemma Gibson

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