Do you need high quality, reliable lawyers?

We enable our clients to maintain or boost their in-house legal capacity effectively and efficiently whenever their business requires.

MinterEllison Flex is a fully integrated lawyer service that provides in-house legal teams with the ability to flexibly and reliably cover or boost their capacity and capability.

We cater for scenarios such as periods of extended leave, the need to rapidly add capacity, and temporary requirements for special projects - when only top quality, reliable lawyers who can 'hit the ground running' will fit the bill.

Flex is particularly focused on the quality of the lawyers that we place with our clients. We draw on our existing understanding of our clients' businesses to ensure a good fit and, with a dedicated team who are closely connected with the lawyers in our pool, we can make placements quickly and effectively.

Our pool of talent is rapidly growing with lawyers from a range of backgrounds and with varying levels of experience – from former general counsel to junior lawyers. They have been carefully selected with rigorous recruitment standards, and have the benefit of access to the specialists, know how, training and support of our firm to assist them to excel in their work for our clients.

It's easy to obtain a Flex lawyer that suits your business needs. The process is straightforward and simple:

“'I would prefer to be aligned with MinterEllison – people know them, their clients are better and I feel part of a team'”
Flex on-demand lawyer

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If you are interested in hiring a MinterEllison Flex lawyer,

please call Juliet Fay on +61 2 9921 8940 or send her an email.