Andrew Macintosh
Executive Director, MinterEllison Consulting, Sydney
I am an experienced strategic risk advisor and compliance professional, with particular expertise in supporting clients with readiness for, response to and recovery from crises and extraordinary risk events. I provide clear and pragmatic solutions for my clients, focusing on supporting them with navigating complex problems and risks. I seek to ensure that the best outcome is achieved for my clients.

I am an Executive Director in MinterEllison's Risk and Regulatory Consulting team. I am an experienced strategic risk management and compliance professional, who has worked across a broad range of jurisdictions and industries globally. During the course of my career, I have lived and worked in China, India, Singapore and Australia, and have provided support to clients across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Americas and the Asia Pacific.

My practice has a specific focus on supporting clients with complex problem-solving engagements and the mitigation of operational risks, including those associated with the development of ESG expectations. I have particular expertise in the integration of crisis and risk management approaches to investigations, compliance risk, cyber security, risk reviews and due diligence.

I have built strong relationships with clients throughout my career, as I am committed to achieving the best results for them and strive to provide client-centric solutions. I have led practices covering a broad range of areas including crisis management, geopolitical risk, forensic investigations, market and business intelligence, litigation and dispute support, ethics and compliance, technology risk and cyber-security.

Career highlights

  • Developing and implementing the crisis management framework for a major multinational financial services organisation in Australia.
  • Conducting an investigation across jurisdictions in the Asia Pacific and Middle East into allegations of bribery and corruption by an Australian corporation.
  • Involvement in the development and implementation of an evidence collection strategy for one of the largest corruption investigations ever conducted in South America.
  • Leading a crisis-driven investigation and risk assessment for a multinational pharmaceutical company subject to investigation due to allegations of misconduct and governance failures in China.
  • Leading on a high-profile conflict of interest investigation for a multinational financial institution in India.
  • Overseeing an urgent investigation into allegations of fraud and misconduct for a European multinational company in Singapore.
  • Leading a large investigative support matter for a multinational Chinese company involved in intellectual property litigation in the United States, involving work in 17 different countries, including Australia.
  • Leading an investigation into a major data breach in Australia for a European multinational company, involving a review of human behavioural and technical security.
  • Leading on the delivery of a program of ethics training for a major European multinational, involving development and delivery over a number of jurisdictions in Asia.

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