Risk, regulatory & governance consulting

Managing risk and complying with regulation is becoming increasingly complex. Legal requirements can make up a big part of that – but the whole solution involves so much more.

  • Enterprise risk management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Risk function transformation
  • Financial Services regulation
Enterprise risk management

Our services include:

  • Helping to manage risk governance framework (financial, non-financial risk)

  • Reviewing risk culture and conduct

  • Embedding the Three Lines of Defence model

  • Providing enterprise wide risk management frameworks

  • Undertaking risk assessment and risk reviews (operational risk, enterprise risk, regulatory risk, credit, compliance, etc.)

  • Advising on risk behaviours, remuneration (risk behaviours, risk gate and risk KPI), accountability and consequence management (framework design, review and implementation)

Regulatory compliance
Our front and back end services include:
  • Providing impact analysis and change management for proposed regulatory changes
  • Controlling design effectiveness (eg. compliance, AML, board governance, culture, conduct, responsible lending, product design obligations)
  • Undertaking a maturity assessment of framework and level of effectiveness and embedment
  • Providing independent assurance of regulatory compliance (enforcement, remediation, regulatory change)
  • Conducting implementation activity – remediation, enforcement, large scale program (program management, design, delivery, post implementation review)
  • Assisting risk data management, considering policies, standards, operating model
  • Supplying compliance training
  • Providing input to regulators on emerging regulations.
Risk function transformation
In transforming your risk function, we can:
  • Help to reengineer risk processes, considering business process, controls, operating model and technology requirements
  • Assess risk and compliance function operating model effectiveness
  • Monitor risk productivity, process effectiveness and efficiency
  • Assess cost reduction options
Financial Services regulation

The financial services industry is one of the most highly regulated industries in Australia and globally, with significant compliance and regulatory requirements imposed on the industry. The industry is undergoing the greatest period of scrutiny and change with increasing debate about industry structure, reputation, standards of governance, management of risk and compliance, customer care, conduct and culture.

Our multi-disciplinary financial services team advises all major Australian banks and financial institutions, foreign banks and credit unions, to navigate critical industry and regulatory changes, inquiries, reviews and the laws affecting them. Our legal and risk specialists have a deep understanding of complex issues and heightened regulatory focus for clients in this sector, and are advising clients on managing the risks and addressing the regulatory obligations arising across the sector. We have been acting for a number of financial institutions in the Financial Services Royal Commission.

We can help you plan and implement actions to address:

  • Governance and Risk Management
  • Cost pressures
  • Culture and conduct
  • Emerging and non-financial risk
  • Greater scrutiny
  • Accountability and consequence management
  • Changes in regulation and legislation
  • Managing the gap between community expectation and the law
  • Industry re-structure
  • Assurance in relation to compliance
  • Remediation
  • Enforcement action
  • Mediation and litigation

The issues that boards and executive management face require a diverse, complementary and multi-disciplinary skill set to address. We can help you resolve complex risk and regulatory challenges with our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, by balancing technically sound solutions with practical, commercial solutions. Our range of legal and non-legal expertise results in holistic solutions that cover every aspect of your governance, risk, regulatory and compliance needs.

Our risk and regulatory consulting team comprises senior legal practitioners, risk advisors, senior auditors and bankers, and augments our traditional legal practice. We offer clients a unique combination of legal and risk advisory expertise.

Our team specialises in unlocking opportunities and leading the delivery of engagements with governance, legal and risk representation at major corporates.


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