Progressing gender equality: Antra Hood

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Antra Hood discusses why gender equality is important to the firm and to her.

Tell us a little about your story, how did you get to where you are today?

I first became a became a partner at another top-tier firm in 2003 when I was eight months pregnant. After six months’ maternity leave, I came back to work part time before moving in-house in 2006 for four years while my children were very young. I joined MinterEllison in 2011 as a partner and have continued working flexibly ever since.

Progressing gender equality is important because…

It is one way to ensure we have multiple perspectives at the table. The more viewpoints we have, the more we can understand and appreciate different ways of thinking and the better we can partner with our clients. After all, our clients are diverse and we should be reflecting that.

I progress gender equality by…

Leading by example. You have to start with the things you can control, and then the things that happen around you. I still work flexibly even though my children are now in high school – I don’t come in to the office on Fridays and I’m open about my life outside MinterEllison.

One of the biggest issues for women in the workplace is…

Time, and the universal accessibility that has come to be expected as technology has evolved! I think this is a challenge for both men and women who want to work flexibly. Respecting an individual’s time and life outside of work is critical.

How has working at MinterEllison enabled you to thrive as a role model for women?

I’ve participated in some great programs run by the firm for working parents and I’ve been fortunate to work in some great teams at MinterEllison, who respect my flexible work arrangements and help out with client expectations when necessary. Our administration support is also fantastic and this is critical.