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Data management and privacy

Data can be an organisation's greatest asset – or its greatest liability. In the digital economy, organisations are now faced with a 'data paradox' – the more data that is captured, analysed and shared, the better services end-users experience. But with greater data comes greater risk, to both individuals and organisations. Organisations need to identify how much information is the right amount – and take action to protect it.


Big data: unlock its value and protect

MinterEllison Partners James Hutton and Sonja Read discuss the value of company data and why it's important to protect.

Harnessing latent data value beyond compliance  

Future-focused and pragmatic organisations know that effective data management goes beyond simply meeting existing legal obligations. Data is a strategic asset and the engine of digital transformation. Taking a proactive approach that considers the ethical, commercial and reputational factors, can both fortify data while unlocking new value creation opportunities.

Emerging technologies such as AI, the Internet of Things and Web 4.0 platforms offer organisations new ways to use data to deliver better customer experience and improve efficiencies. Yet this also heightens the need to be acutely aware of the ethical, regulatory, reputational and commercial risks around data management.

Privacy breaches and data mismanagement have become increasingly frequent, damaging and high profile. Facing a multitude of regulatory requirements to comply with federal, state and overseas privacy and data management obligations. As society continues its acceleration towards digital dependence, and with overlapping jurisdictional rights and obligations, regulation is rapidly evolving. For organisations, this means that compliance has become ever more complex.

Data management and privacy support at every stage of the lifecycle 

Our team of experts assist you to stay ahead of and anticipate data challenges, with the end-to-end management of your privacy, data and cyber needs including front end advisory and response to data breaches and incidents. We support you in: 


Perspectives on Cyber Risk 2024

In Perspectives on Cyber Risk 2024 we emphasise the necessity for improved data governance and provide insights into privacy regulatory reform.


Case studies

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State of NSW

To support the State in establishing the Shared Equity Home Buyer Helper Scheme, we provided a range of privacy advice, conducted a Privacy Impact Assessment, and drafted privacy notices and clauses in a suite of agreements for the State.

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Big 4 Bank

Advised on amendments to its contractual documentation for privacy and GDPR compliance and appropriate data governance across the various jurisdictions in which it operates.

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Victorian Public sector hospitals

Conducted a Privacy Impact Assessment and detailed analysis of the potential privacy risks and impacts on behalf of four public hospitals that have implemented a single electronic record system across the hospitals.

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