Corporate HQ Advisory Newsletter

September 2011

In this edition:

Hot issues for the 2011 AGM season

From remuneration reports to board limits – the ripple effect of the executive remuneration reforms is starting to be felt this AGM season. What steps can you take to make sure you are up-to-date?

Online participation in shareholder meetings – how could it work?

Large companies often have a low shareholder participation rate at their AGMs. Allowing shareholders to take part online from their homes and offices may improve participation rates and shareholder involvement. But does the law permit it? And if it does, what are the issues to keep in mind in achieving it?

Are electronically-delivered board packs a good idea?

The delivery of electronic board papers on iPads is becoming increasingly popular, particularly for non-executive directors. The benefits seem clear and numerous and the obstacles limited, but directors do need to consider a few key issues before going wholly electronic for board communications.

Why a policy on related party transactions makes good business sense

Adopting a related party transactions policy helps to establish protocols and procedures for identifying and dealing with related party transactions. We examine the key benefits that can flow to a public company from adopting a related party transactions policy and identify some of the issues that the policy should cover.