ITNewcom Technology Consulting Services


ITNewcom has a twenty-year track record providing strategic advice and risk assurance consulting services to clients entering into large IT and technology outsourcing projects. We work for the region’s most successful companies and government agencies.

Our experience includes leading over $30 billion worth of IT sourcing transactions, and more than 1,600 IT benchmarks using our unique benchmarking databases. We're proud of our client base, which includes ASX200 and large scale public sector organisations with significant technology budgets.

We can work with you as part of a combined legal and consulting team. You may also prefer to work with us and engage the services of another legal firm if you choose to do so.

Working with us

 Our services include:

  • Strategic advisory – partner with you to drive business innovation through technology, help you manage your IT cost base as well as manage your financial and business risks
  • Benchmarking – compare the value of your IT investment against the market, so you can develop tangible plans and data backed business cases to maximise the return on your IT investments
  • Negotiation and strategic sourcing - provide you with expert negotiation and sourcing support and exceptional risk/value outcomes
  • Complex transition management – ensure the effective transition to a new service or implementation of a new system, with true independent advice and assurance
  • Ongoing IT supplier and value management – we take on the risk of preventing common and recurrent problems from emerging by managing your IT contracts and suppliers. We're also responsible for optimising your IT investment, and helping you extract maximum value from your investment.

A combined team

In a first for the legal sector, our combined team will give clients the ability to access seamless end-to-end consulting and legal solutions to achieve sophisticated IT and technology outcomes.

We are now able to offer unprecedented performance through the integration of strategic technology advice, financial analytics, benchmarking, strategic negotiation, dispute resolution and human resource support.

Take a look at how our combined solution can be optimised for your next technology project. 


We are a fully vaccinated workplace.

Playing our part in creating a safe workplace and communities.