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MinterEllison's technology team is consistently ranked as one of the best in the Asia Pacific region. The quality, range and complexity of our technology work ranks second-to-none.

We assist large organisations across industries such as telecommunications, financial services, aviation, energy and resources, the public sector, manufacturing, media and transport to implement cutting edge business IT strategies in Australia, Asia and across the world.

We implement sophisticated large-scale multi-sourcing arrangements; work on significant IT restructuring; advise on mergers, acquisitions and divestitures; and assist clients to monetise captive IT resources.

16 May 2017

Over the weekend an unprecedented ransomware attack spread malicious software known as 'WannaCry' around the world. Britain's National Health Service was one of the more high-profile victims, with the service forced to cancel surgery, close emergency rooms and divert ambulances as a result of the attack. And while a British-based, self-confessed 'accidental hero' managed to halt the spread of the WannaCry virus, and Australia appears to have escaped the worst of the fallout, the consequences for business, government and individuals are far from complete, with the Australian Prime Minister's cyber security expert warning 'this is not game over'.

7 April 2016

This article examines the key aspects of the Corporations Amendment(Crowd-sourced Funding) Bill 2015, which is a central plank of the government's innovation package announced late last year, and outlines the likely steps towards the establishment of a crowdsourced funding market in Australia.

8 April 2015

GST is back on the agenda for the national conversation with the Treasurer confirming at the recent Council on Federal Financial Relations Meeting that GST will be charged on electronic imports into Australia. In this article we look at particular aspects of the approaches taken by South Africa and the EU and consider what lessons their experiences provide for Australia. We also examine whether Australia can impose an electronic services tax on non-residents that have no presence here, and how this could be enforced.

8 April 2015

In the wake of the controversial new metadata retention scheme, the Australian Government has committed to further regulation in the form of amendments to the privacy laws to introduce a mandatory data breach notification scheme by the end of the year.

13 January 2015

Following a spate of decisions in 2014 on patent licences the Federal Court of Australia announced two further decisions which provide additional guidance to parties to a patent licence. Both of these decisions are a reminder that in addition to contract law, the parties to a licence of Australian patents should consider the relevant provisions of the Patents Act 1990.